Moo Cat missing in action . . or . . Shelter from the storm




I’m starting to get worried.  I haven’t seen my favorite feral cat, Moo Cat, in 7 days.  I didn’t camp at my campsite for 4 days because of the record rainstorms.  But the last 3 days I camped there, and no Moo Cat.

Blondie was waiting for me at the foot of the trail leading to my campsite.  Like I knew she would be.  And she looked like she survived the storm with no problems.  But no Moo Cat.

I never really worried before about my feral cats surviving the elements.  They’ve made it through 6 winters after all, with no problems, seemingly.  But this last storm was a doozy.  It went on for 3 weeks.  We got 12 inches of rain in just the last 3 weeks.  To put it in perspective, that’s half the amount of rain we’d normally get in an entire year.

It could be Moo Cat got caught in the downpour and got overwhelmed by it.  I’ve seen that happen to homeless humans.  So I guess I can happen to homeless cats.  Or maybe, since she had gone 4 days without me feeding her, she went off on a hunting expedition and got lost.  I thought cats had good senses of direction.  But I guess that’s possible.

But it made me wonder.  If you get attached to anything in this life, at some point it will probably break your heart.

Anyways, I went back to my campsite last night, and for the fourth night in a row, still no Moo Cat.  So now I’m getting that sense of dread.  This is highly unusual.  Even when I left town for 10 months, Moo Cat was waiting for me at my campsite within a day of my return.

Blondie was there waiting for me, of course.  I gave her a beseeching look and repeated several times:  “Where’s Moo Cat?  What happened to Moo Cat?”  I guess that was a stupid thing to do.  But I guess I was kind of hoping it would be like one of those old Lassie the dog movies.  Ya’ know?  Where they say to Lassie:  “Lassie!  What happened to Timmy?”  And Lassie gives them a look that says:  “Timmy is trapped in the woods with his leg pinned under a log. Come on!  Follow me!  I’ll show you where he’s at!”  But Blondie just stared back at me with a dumbfounded look on her cat face that said:  “What they hell are you babbling about and would you dish out the cat food?”  So at least we achieved some manner of cat/human inter-species communication.  But geez, they’re never going to make a movie about Blondie the cat.

I laid there under my blankets for some time wondering what happened to Moo Cat.  Imagining all sorts of dire scenerios.  Thinking of  her huddled under a bare tree getting bomb-barded by the torrential downpour with no escape.

I woke up around 2 in the morning.  It was Moo Cat, pawing at my head, meowing at me and purring wildly.  She had a slight case of the sniffles, but otherwise looked in fine shape.  I fed her a big dish of food.  And then she curled up along side me and slept with me all night long.  Hogging all the blankets, as usual.

5 thoughts on “Moo Cat missing in action . . or . . Shelter from the storm

  1. I am glad that worked out. I lost a dog in 1973 and I still dream about him frequently. Moo cat appears to be wearing a tux

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