Today’s reading material

The History of Western Civilization, Vol. 947.

4 thoughts on “Today’s reading material

    1. It’s actually a good concept for a book. For we all have to learn how to deal with the Asshole. Fact is, we can all ACT like assholes on occasion. But some people simply ARE assholes. For it is simply their basic nature. And it is important to be able to instantly recognize such specimens for what they are. The author gives a good thumbnail definition of the Asshole: “A person with a sense of entitlement that makes him immune to complaints from other people.” The kind of person who will cut in front of you when you’re on line, with no sense of fair play. In fact, it is the Asshole’s basic nature to always believe that they deserve more and you deserve less, as if it is some natural state of the universe. And will become wildly indignant when this premise is not validated. . .

      Unfortunately, after a good start, the book quickly runs out of steam. And the author offers little in the way of practical suggestions for how one can deal with the asshole. Which is the crux of the matter after all. How to deal with self-inflated narcissists with no sense of fair play, who are equipped with a built-in defense mechanism that makes them beyond reasoning with.

      1. I found your study on the asshole in “Surving on the Streets” book very helpful, especially your description of the virulent type & the ticking time bomb. I found your transactual analysis ( I’m not OK your not OK) to be a fit psychological profile for the asshole. This type is interesting, but the sociopath type fascinates me, how they are completely preditory, with absolutely no sense of spirituality or karma.

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