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March 3, 2015

My 100,000th page-view

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Let the celebration begin!

As of this moment I’ve gotten 99,349 page-views on my website.  I average about 150 page-views a day.  So some time this week I should be hitting my 100,000th page-view.  Which I guess is a milestone of sorts.  Though I’m not sure exactly what it means.    I mean, I’ll hear about people who post stuff that goes viral and gets a million views in an hour. . .  So I guess if there’s the “internet superhighway” my website is sort of the “internet back-alley.”

Still, 100,000 page-views count for something.  And I’m happy that there are people out there reading this stuff.  Otherwise I’d be sitting here talking to myself.  Which I already do enough of as it is.

I’m not sure who most of these page-viewers are.  They come from countries all across the world.  Most of them seem to stumble onto my page by Google searches.   I’ve become somewhat of an internet presence  —  my website regular pops up on the coveted first page of many, many different Google searches.

In honor of the 100,000th page view, I thought I’d give that page-viewer a special gift as a commemoration.  But then I realized there was no way to tell who that 100,000th person actually was.  So I decided to do the next-best thing.  Buy a 40 ouncer of Olde English malt liquor.  And pound that sucker in their honor.  Cheers.


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  1. Don’t worry about it Dave.You make more sense than most…I’m personally surprised that so many people give a fuck about your veiwpoint..its actually cheering me up.And whatever you choose to print.I like the cats,myself.But I have a weakness for human kindness stories.

    Comment by Val — March 20, 2016 @ 10:36 am | Reply

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