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April 1, 2015

The cats are getting suspicious

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My feral cats can tell that something’s up.  This morning they were giving me this suspicious look. You see, whenever I leave town for extended periods of time I always put out heaping piles of food for them the last couple of days before I leave.  To fatten them up for the famine.

So this morning their reaction at first was:  “MAN OH MAN WE REALLY HIT THE JACKPOT!!  JUST LOOK AT ALL THAT FOOD!!”

But then later they were giving me this funny look.  Staring at me like:  “Hey . . .  wa-a-ait a second.   This isn’t that damn leaving-town thing again, is it??!”  Cats are pretty smart.  They can almost read our minds sometimes.  They study us and figure us out.  That’s why they’re capable of living alongside us so easily.

Or maybe I just imagined all of that.

I was reading about this vending machine they developed for wild dogs.   They put it in the back alleys where the wild dogs hang out.  And they scent the machine with the smell of food to attract the dogs.  And then when the dog hits this lever with his paw, a packet of dog food drops out.  Man, I wish I could get one of those things. I wouldn’t have to worry about feeding my feral cats for months at a stretch.

Course I’m sure those damn raccoons would figure out how to break into the vending machine and make off with all the food.   They’d take out screw-drivers and open it up from the back.  And if there was any change in the vending machine, you can bet they’d pocket that, too.  Then go down to 7-11 and order a bunch of Slurpees and hot dogs.  With chile and cheese.  Those raccoons are insatiable.



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