Quick as a cat

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This is something feral cats do at least 100 times an hour. Suddenly swiveling their heads in the direction of a potential threat and intensely staring off into the distance.   “WHAT WAS THAT SOUND??!!!” . . . .

“Oh.  It was a leaf falling to the ground.”

Then it’s back to drinking the milk.   At least until the next sound.

In that position, with their back legs primed for take-off, you can blink your eye and suddenly the cat is 100 yards up the hill.  I’m told they can go from 0 to 30-miles-per-hour in a split second.  Usain Bolt, the fastest human alive, can run 27 miles-per-hour.  The average house cat can do 30.  And I can assure you, the average feral cat is even faster.  Probably because they’re often running for their lives.



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