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May 15, 2015

Graduation Day

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It’s a weird experience living in a college town.  It’s sort of like a Dorian Gray trip.  Everyone around you remains eternally young, eternally 18 to 22.  Only you age and grow old.


I first started hanging out on the Berkeley campus around 1992.  I was 35, but a fairly youthful 35.  And my comic strip was appearing every day in the campus newspaper.  So I felt a part of the whole scene.  When I walked across the campus, students would hand me their fliers just like they handed them to the other college students who passed by.

But as the years drifted by, I got farther and farther removed from the scene.  It was like, everyone else graduated and moved on with their lives.   But I remained trapped in this kind of purgatory, like an eternal student.

There’s kind of a Peter Pan element to many street people.  Lost little boys who never grow up.  Living lives mostly devoid of adult concerns like families, homes and careers, many street people live in a permanent state of adolescence.   So many of them remind me of the 17-year-old high school stoners that used to hang out in the parking lot getting stoned all day.  Eternally trapped in that twilight zone.

In 1990 I published the first issue of the Telegraph Avenue Street Calendar.  For awhile it was a bit of a sensation on the Berkeley scene.  So it was slightly disturbing to me when I realized the other day that virtually every college student on the Berkeley campus today hadn’t even been BORN yet when that first issue came out

I guess that can happen sometimes.  As you grow old, you get this sense that life has passed you by.



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