Life is a mixed bag of nuts


I’m having another weird day.  In a seemingly endless series of weird days. . .

This afternoon I was sitting in McDonald’s pounding one of those one dollar large coffees.  Which is an excellent deal, by the way.  This woman sidles up to me.  “Are you Ace Backwords?  Would you sign a copy of your book for me?  You’re a brilliant writer.”

She pulls out a copy of my SURVIVING ON THE STREETS book from her backpack. . .  I have no idea how she recognized me sitting there in McDonald’s.  Or how long she’d been walking around with a copy of my book in her backpack looking for me.  Of course I’m flattered.  But it’s a weird, complex scene to have to factor before I drink my first cup of coffee of the day.

Then I go to People’s Park.  There’s this insane lunatic named Alex — he’s COMPLETELY crazy — and for some reason he’s decided that he hates my guts.  Lately, whenever I sit down somewhere in the Park, he immediately shows up and sits directly across from me.  Glaring at me with his insane, lunatic eyes.  He’s one of those guys just seething with rage.  Today he keeps screaming at me:  “QUIT BOTHERING ME!!  QUIT BOTHERING!!”  Which is an odd request considering he’s the one that’s constantly approaching me.  To further illustrate his point, he starts violently jabbing this metal stick into the dirt over and over, in simulation of a knife that he’d like to jab into my chest.  Like I said.  He’s completely nuts. If you saw Alex, he looks exactly like he’s straight out of Central Casting for the role of lunatic. It’s a role he was born to play.

So that’s disconcerting.  And yet another weird, complex scene that I have to factor. . .  But at least I’ve gotten my coffee in my by this point, so I’m ready for action.

But it reminded me of something I said to one of my Facebook friends yesterday.  She told me that she thought I had “a brilliant mind.”  Which is nice.  But I told her in all honesty:  “Over the years I’ve had so many people tell me I’m brilliant.  And so many people tell me I’m an idiot.   I’ve given up trying to keep track one way or the other.”

This life is a mixed bag of nuts, ain’t it?  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.


4 thoughts on “Life is a mixed bag of nuts

  1. Your book… Surviving on the streets… Is selling for $120 now. I am about to buy a Kindle edition.
    Eric is going to make a board game about homelessness and needs information and inspiration. We are going to use your book if we can. He wants to use some of your cartoons to

    1. Yeah. Somebody pointed that out to me after reading this blog. I was quite surprised. A while ago you could find copies for 20 bucks. But now the 20 copies listed on amazon go from $137 to $500. Which is weird to me. You know me. All those years selling books for a quarter.

    1. Ace~
      We’d still like to know if the P.O. Box is a valid one for you. I’ve wanted for quite a while to send you a gift card, because I’ve had so many sundown days where re-reading ‘Streets’ has lifted me up.
      The fact is, that, in my darkest hours, stealing firewood to heat a fireplace in a foreclosed house, to keep my Daughter and I from freezing to death, I found inspiration in your words.
      I view you as a spiritual hero to me.
      Please let us give something back for all that YOU have given US.

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