The new cats in town

“GRRR!!  Why do you keep FEEDING them!  It just ENCOURAGES them!!”
Typical Moo Cat reaction when two new feral cat showed up at my campsite this morning.  Two little kittens.  One gray and one black.  Probably about 3 or 4 months old.  I have no idea where they came from.  Both of the female cats in my neck of the woods are fixed.

The kittens are adorable, of course.  But it’s a little daunting.  Two more mouths to feed.  And two more potential breeders.

The kittens were too timid to get within 30 feet of my campsite.  So I rolled a big chunk of baloney down the hill to where they were sitting.  The gray kitten expertly nabbed the baloney in it’s paw, like a soccer goalie catching a ball.  And spent the next 5 minutes happily munching away.

One of the new cats in town, just mustering the courage to approach the food dish.
Tongue-licking good!

3 thoughts on “The new cats in town

    1. Ya know, it’s a weird thing about that. For awhile I was bringing up fresh drinking water. But they refused to touch it. They preferred to drink from these stagnant pools of water in the dry creek. Go figger. Cats have their own logic.

      1. It could be that that is the only thing they are used to. I am speaking of the stagnant water. Freshwater might smell of chlorine to them.

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