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July 28, 2015

A touch too much

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When I first met Blondie the feral cat 8 years ago, she wouldn’t come within 100 yards of me.  But every week she would inch a little bit closer to me.  To the point where now, she’ll occasionally brush up ever-so slightly against my hand.  And when I’m lying down in my sleeping bag, she’ll sometimes walk on top of me if she’s in a hurry to get to the other side.  Ha ha.  “Don’t mind me, I’m just taking a short-cut across your body.”

Often, Blondie will sit across from me, watching me intently while I’m petting Moo Cat when she’s lying on my chest.  And I’ll wonder if Blondie secretly wants to be petted.  Maybe she’s jealous that Moo Cat gets all the personal attention.  Or maybe, like with people, she’s yearning on some level to be touched.  It’s hard to gauge the range of animal’s ability to feel emotion.  She’s probably just pissed that, on a practical level, Moo Cat is closer to the food source (me) than her.

But sometimes Blondie will stand a couple feet away from me, staring at me, while she rubs the side of her head against this branch. Ya know that spot just below the cat’s ear that’s some kind of erogenous zone to cats.  And she’ll be purring away while she stares at me.  And it’s like she’s petting herself.



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