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August 13, 2015

The cat in the pack is back

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I never cease to be amazed at how quick and stealthy my feral cats are.  This happens all the time.  I’ll be all by myself at my campsite.  And I’ll roll over on my side to get something out of my backpack, which is lying next to me.  And then when I turn back around, there are three feral cats sitting there about three feet away from me, staring at me.  It’s like they materialized out of nowhere.

You see, they always react to the sound of me opening my backpack.  It’s like a signal they can hear from miles away.  Because that’s the sound they associate with me opening my pack  and getting out the cat food.  But it’s amazing.  It’s like there are no cats, and then I blink my eyes, voila!, instant cats.

And Moo Cat does this other thing.  Whenever I start to open my backpack she gets so excited, she jumps right on top of my pack.  Food time!!  And she keeps jumping all over it.  I have to explain to her:  “You’re not making this any easier.  I can’t get the food out of the pack with your fat ass sitting on top of my pack.”

Eventually she grasps the wisdom of my words and I’m able to get the food out.  But I guess it’s just kind of a Pavlo’s Dog reaction  . . . Though I’m sure my cats would hate to hear their behavior described in dog-like terms.



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