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September 10, 2015

A Berkeley snapshot

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The city of Berkeley was into “cultural diversity” long before the term had even been coined.  Berkeley is a very international community.  So you see a lot of interesting examples of cultural cross-pollination.  I remember one such moment.

Sather Gate is a Berkeley landmark and tourist attraction.  So people are always getting their photos taken there.  This one day I spotted these three Muslim women getting their pictures taken there.  But what struck me as odd was, they were all wearing those berkas.  Ya’ know?  Those “bee-keeper outfits.”  Those long, black things that cover up every square inch of the person’s body aside from that little slit for the eyes.

And I remember thinking:  “What’s the point of getting their pictures taken?  They might as well just take a picture of three pieces of laundry.”

But it was a curious moment.  One of those Middle-East-meets-West moments.  The Western individuality of taking personal portraits meeting up with the Middle Eastern conformity of the berkas.  It just seemed like an odd juxtaposition.


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  1. Once I was in line at a library behind a woman wearing that same type of all black face covering burka, She was having a conversation with the librarian that I wasn’t completely listening to but I would guess that she was inquiring about getting a library card. At some point the librarian asked the woman in the burka if she had a photo I.D! Apparently she didn’t, but imagine if she had pulled out an I.D. with a picture of herself in the same outfit with only her eyes showing thru a narrow slit.

    Comment by Ethan — March 26, 2017 @ 9:31 pm | Reply

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