The Student Union Building

Obscure Student Union Building steps trivia:  Charles Manson met his very first Manson Family member on these very steps.  1967.  Summer of Love.  Fresh out of the joint and busking with his guitar on the steps, singing love songs of grooviness and eminent Helter Skelter.  How could the Cal Berkeley co-eds resist his charm.Sometimes I’ll get a weird feeling when I’m hanging out on the steps of the Student Union Building on the Berkeley campus.   I’ll think back to the first time I hung out on those steps in the summer of 1974, age 17.  And now it’s 41 years later.  And everybody else has come and gone.   But I’m still here


It’s like I’ve been caught in some weird time-warp.  Trapped in a tape-loop.  Frozen in a twilight zone.

I’ll think of all the different people I used to hang out with on the steps.  I’ll flashback to all the faces of all the people that were on the scene over the years.  All gone.  And yet, for some weird and inexplicable reason, I’m still here.

Let’s just say that that feeling doesn’t fill me with great confidence about the life I’ve led.


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