The re-zoom


You meet all kinds of people on the street scene.  This one street person I used to know — a real nice guy but not the sharpest tack in the drawer — once told me he had spent all day trying to get a job.

“I went up and down the Avenue  today and dropped off copies of my re-zoom to all the stores and businesses,” he said. “Went right up to the managers of all the businesses and said: ‘Here’s my re-zoom!'”

“What’s a re-zoom?”  I said.

“You know, man.  A re-zoom,” he said.  “None of the businesses will hire you if you don’t got a good re-zoom.”

“I’ve never heard of a re-zoom,” I said.

“Here, man.  I’ll show you my re-zoom.”

He held up some papers.  He had hand-written a list of all the different places he had worked at over the years, and xeroxed off copies.

“Oh.  You mean a resume,” I said.

“No, man.  That’s how it’s pronounced in French.  In English it’s pronounced re-zoom.”


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