Acid Heroes

October 21, 2015

Hate Man wins again


Ran into Hate Man on Telegraph Avenue last night.  He had just found a $12 gift card from Cream, this local joint that sells delicious ice cream sandwiches.  Hate Man is one of the all-time great “scroungers” and “ground-scorers” when it comes to finding cool stuff.  I have a line:  “If something falls on the sidewalk on Telegraph, there’s a good chance either Hate Man or me will find it.”  (I’m a pretty good scrounger myself)

So, to make a long story duller, Hate Man went down to Cream to have them run the gift card to see if it was still valid (you never know when you find a gift card, it could already be spent).  Lo and behold.  IT WAS STILL GOOD!  So Hate Man now has 12 dollars worth of delicious ice cream sandwiches coming at him in his forseeable future (did I mention Hate Man has a major sweet tooth?  He puts 30 packets of sugar in every cup of coffee).

Moments later I happened to run into Hate Man on the corner of Telegraph and Channing, and he told me the whole wondrous story.  “Hate Man,  can I take your picture?” I said.  “Yes,” said Hate Man.  And I did!  So the story has a happy ending!  For a change.

Though the photo turned out a little blurry.  So that’s fucked up.



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