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November 9, 2015

Failing the Gullibility Test

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So anyways, at the time I was driving cross-country in this big bomb of a ’69 Chevy that I had bought used from some guy for like $600 (1975 prices).  And I was barreling across the heartland of this great country of ours.  When I spotted a hitch-hiker on the on-ramp. So I picked him up.  Because I was a kindly man back then eager to help out my fellow man.  The hitch-hiker seemed like a friendly sort.  Young guy.  And we chatted amiably for many miles.  In the course of our conversation I happened to mention to him that I was having problems with my car battery — it was a piece of junk and I kept having to jump-start it.

He said:  “Well are you in luck!  I happen to have an extra car battery!  It’s practically brand new!  And I will GIVE it to you FREE of charge!  If you just drive about 50 miles out of your way and drop me off in the town where I live!”

“Excellent!”  I said.

So, when we got to the town where he lived, he said, “Just pull over right here on the side of the road.  I live right over there on the other side of that fence.  So just wait here on the side of the freeway while I go to my house where I got the battery stashed, and I’ll be right back with the battery!”

“Excellent!”  I said.

He got out of my car.  And jumped over the fence that separated the freeway from his town.  And I sat there in my car on the side of the road, congratulating myself on my good fortune while I waited for him to come back with the battery.

And I waited some more.

And after about an hour of waiting, I began to get inklings in my dim-bulb noggin.  Bad inklings.

I learned a valuable lesson there that night.  And I never forgot that lesson to this day.



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