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November 20, 2015

A tale of two street people: A young homeless woman

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I saw something this afternoon that depressed the hell out of me for the rest of the day.  I passed this young homeless woman as I was walking down Shattuck Avenue.  She was maybe 19 or 20.  A little on the frumpy side. Sort of plain. Just an average, bland-looking person.  And she had a big backpack on her back.  And she’s got bags of stuff over her shoulders up front.  And she’s carrying more bags in her arms.  She looks sort of like a pack-mule. She’s probably carrying everything she owns in the world.  Lugging all this stuff back and forth wherever she goes.

She’s wearing colorful but plain clothes.  Sort of the Raggedy Ann look.  The layered look.

But as she passed me I could tell she was crying.  Her face was contorted in this expression of pain and unhappiness.

For a second I considered turning around and going after her.  Ask her: “HEY, are you all right?” Maybe give her some money. Or give her the tough love lecture:  “Hey, it’s hard out here.  You gotta’ be tough.  Crying for yourself just makes it worse.”

But it was really none of my business.  And maybe she just wanted to be left alone.  So I just kept walking.  But I kept thinking about her as I walked down the street.  Wondering who she was.

I got the impression that she was coming from nowhere.  And was going nowhere.  And she was trapped.  With no way out.  No escape from the hell her life had become.

It can get like that.



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