The streets

Certified (ha ha) public accountant.



A cop recently asked Hate Man:  “What are you doing?”

“I’m working on my books,” said Hate Man.

“What do you mean you’re working on your books?”

“During the course of the month I loan out money to dozens of people.  And a bunch of other people have regular tabs with me.  So on the first of the month  I have to tabulate all the numbers to see where I’m at.”

“That’s the craziest thing I ever heard!”  laughed the cops.

The cop was dumbfounded at the idea that a 79-year-old homeless guy basically operated as sort of a communal trading post for the street scene. And that dozens of street people would run up tabs with Hate Man, many of them for hundreds of dollars.

Some people are often surprised to find that street people pretty much operate just like most other people and the other facets of society. In truth, the streets are just like high school, except with rattier clothes and less teeth.

Hate Man at his “desk” at the Brown Shingle, working on his books. (photo by David Thompson)






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