Things I’m thankful: A Thanksgiving message from ole Ace Backwords


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While the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck character went on to become hugely popular, the Tommy Turkey character never really caught on with the public, and was subsequently retired by Disney.
 1.)  Facebook (I enjoy having an outlet to gas off)

2.)  40s of Olde English malt liquor (it calms down the swirling in my brain, or at least it makes me not give a shit one way of the other)

3.)  My feral cats (the li’l rug-rats are adorable, would you like to see about a couple thousand fascinating photos of them?)

4.)  The Golden State Warriors basketball team (at least 20 times a game I exclaim “DAMN!!” at their incredible play)

5.)   . . . uh . . . hmm. . . I guess that’s it. I ran out of things I’m thankful for (but at least I came up with four, so I’m thankful for that).








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