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December 10, 2015

The Telegraph Avenue Street Calendar 1991

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“How do you like it? RARE!!!”

This is the second issue of the Telegraph Avenue Street Calendar.  It was actually a surprise local hit. It was certainly a surprise to me and Duncan.  When we published the first issue, I figured: “Well, I’ll print up 100 copies.  And if nobody buys it, I can still give it out as a Christmas present to all my family and friends.”  (cheaper than shopping)

So it was a surprise when we ended up with our pictures on the front pages of the newspapers.  And radio and TV stations were clamoring to interview us.  Even Dan Rather (anybody remember him?) and the CBS News did a national feature on it.

A lot of it was simply the timing.  This was 1990.  And “homelessness” was an issue that the media, and the nation, was just beginning to grapple with.  So people were curious as to who these homeless people were, and what the solution to homelessness was (people actually talked in terms of “solutions” back then, ha ha).  And there was me and Duncan with our humble little calendar from the streets.  I guess it was an idea that was just stupid enough, and just absurd enough, to catch on.  “A homeless pin-up calendar,” as all the press wryly referred to it.

It was like “the heart-warming media Christmas story” of that year.  And I provided the press with the line with the appropriate amount of bathos that they used to end all of their award-winning news stories:  “It’s a calendar for people who don’t even have a wall to put it up on.”




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