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December 23, 2015

Body issues

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I’ve always suffered from what I guess you would call “body issues.”  Basically, I’ve always hated how I looked.  I’m not sure why . . .  I think it’s tied in with a basic self-loathing that I have. Or maybe it’s just a reaction to the general weirdness of walking around in a human body in the first place (it is an odd thing when you think about it).  It’s weird.  Because I generally like how everybody else looks.  Everybody else looks just fine.

I guess most people think of this as a “woman thing.”  Being preoccupied with your physical appearance.  But probably a lot of guys trip on it, too.

I was just thinking about this, because I was just looking at my feet.   And I realized:  I’ve never had a problem with how my feet looked. They always looked just fine.

So that’s a start.

Maybe I can start with my feet and eventually work my way all the up to my head.



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