The day the Man tried to take away our Christmas tree



This is an outrage. This could mean war. The homeless of Berkeley are mobilizing verily as I speak.  This morning I went up to People’s Park to take some pictures of the little homeless Christmas tree that Hate Man had set up at Hate Camp.  It was gone!  They had confiscated our Christmas tree!! The manager of the park ordered the groundskeepers to take our Christmas tree. And they hauled it off to the city dump.

The tree was barely bigger than a branch.  We put a few decorations and battery-powered Christmas lights on it.  We’re getting another Christmas tree tomorrow.  And Hate Man has vowed to take this to the mat.  If they try and take our tree, Hate Man said he’s going to grab hold of the tree and say:  “If you want to take this tree you’re going to have to take me and arrest me, too!”

So we might be wishing Hate Man a very merry Christmas from a cell in Santa Rita.



UPDATE:  We got a second Christmas tree and made it through Christmas without The Man confiscating it.  And believe me, we were prepared to draw the line with this one.  Ronald Reagan would have had to send in the National Guard to make off with this baby.   HAVE A BAD CHRISTMAS!!

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