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December 26, 2015

Crier the feral kitten

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I haven’t fed my feral cats in three days because of the rainstorm.  So you can bet they were waiting for me at my campsite last night.  And I had six different kinds of food for them.  The usual cat foods, as well as a leftover turkey and cheese sandwich, a barbecued beef hoagie, and some cans of Vienna Sausages.  So it was party-time in feral cat land.

After eating, Crier the feral kitten, walked over to where I was sleeping and climbed on top of my chest and stared at me with a funny look.  Which was bolder than she usually is. Usually she keeps more of a distance.  I could tell she had been thinking long and hard about me over the last three days;  Like:  “WHERE IS THAT GUY WHO ALWAYS BRINGS THE FOOD??  IS HE GONE FOR GOOD??  ARE WE DOOMED??”

But now her tummy was full, and she had a happy, contented look.  Like:  “WOW!!  THIS TURNED OUT EVEN BETTER THAN I HAD HOPED!!”

Crier never likes to be touched.  But she was only arm’s-length away from me.  So I figure, why not.  And started petting her.  And for once Crier didn’t recoil at the touch.  I petted her for a couple of minutes, and she started purring loudly.  I gave her a look, like:  “Well.  That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

And it was kind of a symbolic moment.  A turning point in my relationship with Crier.  She was saying in her own way:  “OK. I’m all in.  I’m throwing in my lot with you.”

I gave Crier a couple more pets.  Then we both went to sleep. Until I was woken up an hour later by a hail storm.  Which was a weird way to wake up.  It was like being pelted in every direction by thousands of little golf balls.  I got soaked.

No automatic alt text available.

Crier, keeping warm in 37 degree cold.





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