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December 28, 2015

Secret stash spots

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When you’re homeless, a constant question is :  What do you do about your stuff?  Some homeless people carry their stuff with them everywhere they go, in frame backpacks and shopping carts.  Myself,  I don’t like to look noticeably homeless.  So I stash most of my stuff.  And I have at least 10 different stash spots scattered across the city where I store my stuff.  I’m pretty ingenious at finding spots in public spaces where I can hide my stuff, often right under people’s noses, but nobody notices it.

This is one of my stash spots.  Can you spot my stuff?

This is one of my favorite spots for stashing the fresh meat I feed my feral cats.  I can’t stash it in the bushes, because the critters will get to it.  But by stashing it on the ledge of this building, it’s too high up for them to get at.  Even the damn raccoons can’t scale a marble wall.  (If you look closely at the middle of the photo, you’ll see a black bag nestled in the crevice, a couple feet to the left of the pillar.)
And it’s high enough to be above eye-vision level for most people to notice.  And even if they did notice it,  they’d just think it was a black shadow, or a piece of litter.
I stash most of my stuff in these little plastic black bags.  They’re the perfect size and color for blending in with the background.  Plus, they’re water-proof.  Plus, I get them for free — the liquor store where I buy my 40s uses them every time I buy my beer.  So I have an unlimited supply.  Ha ha (yet another example of making alcoholism work for you!).

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