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December 30, 2015

Feral cat demographic update

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crier the feral kitten.

There are seven feral cats in my neck of the woods nowadays.  Which is way too many.

Only two of them are from the original family of cats that were living here when I first started camping here in 2007, Blondie and Moo Cat (mother, daughter).  Then, the two tom cats — Feral Tom and Owl — happened to wander by one day, noticed the cat food dish, and decided to stick around.   And then somebody abandoned three kittens in the woods when they were about 6 months old —  Fatty, Crier and Scaredy.

The kittens were the kicker that really pushed the situation over the top.  But it’s hard for any cat-lover to turn down kittens.  They’re almost fully grown now, and they all eat like horses.  It’s getting to be more and more of a chore bringing up enough cat food for 7 cats.  This Myth-of-Sisyphus deal.  Pushing all that cat food up the hill every day.
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And it can be a bit of an ordeal feeding them.  As soon as I take out the cat food, they start jumping all over me.  And as soon as I spoon some of it into a dish, all seven of them pounce on it, hissing and clawing and fighting over the food.  I have to have seven dishes at the ready, and get the food portioned out real quick before things degenerate into total chaos.  Make no mistake, these are wild animals.  And they have a bit more of that kill-or-be-killed attitude than the average house cat.

I bet a lot of mothers go through the same trip.  They get a sense of satisfaction from taking care of their children.  Mixed in with a sense of burden and responsibility.




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