Acid Heroes

January 7, 2016

The Telegraph Street Calendar 2004


JOHN D. An archetypal street bro’. Hit the Tele scene in the late 1970s and made the scene for decades.

ELIZABETH and ANNIE. Quintessential grand dames of the streets. Elizabeth goes all the way back to the late ’60s Telegraph street scene, one of the first of the Berkeley street hippies.


B.N. DUNCAN. Hamming it up for the camera. He saw himself largely as an alienated loner on the fringe of society who couldn’t really relate normally to other people. . . He would have been shocked and surprised at how many people — from all walks of life — showed up for his memorial and all the heart-felt tributes.. . .As well as all the people imitating his endlessly repeated catch phrase: “Ahh! You couldn’t loan me a couple bucks until the first, could you?”




CRAIG — aka “Sic Pup” and “Isy Jones” — was a sweet guy, but a tormented guy. His idol and role model was Keith Richards. And he lived out many of the same excesses. Was a romantic poet at heart. And fell hard for several women. Jumped in front of a train in 2006. And is still missed.


Duncan came up with the caption, not me.



SOPHIE CRUMB at the Caffe Med, during a brief period when she lived in Berkeley around 2003. She was very sweet and very friendly to me. But she scared the hell out of me. A cute young chick AND R. Crumb’s daughter. Holy gee-ziz!!










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