A few random thoughts about the whole Facebook thing

This is my beloved, old mailbox in the lobby of the apartment building where I lived for 13 years (1982 to 1995). I used to live on the second floor, and I could actually hear when the mailman started slanging the metal boxes. So I’d be upstairs waiting in great anticipation for that golden moment. THE MAIL IS HERE!!
When I was in my 20s and 30s I used to “live for the mail.”  The mail delivery at noon was usually the high-point of my day.  I used to get like 300 pieces of mail a month.  Correspondences, zines, records, books, fan mail, money.  Every day was like Christmas.  I still have boxes and boxes of mail in my storage locker from that period.  With all kind of gems in there.

Of course the internet changed everything.  Now I’m lucky if I get 5 actual letters a month.  But it’s still the same basic game.  One of the cool things about the internet —  and Facebook in particular — is how virtually anybody can broadcast their views out to the public.  Having a Facebook page is kind  of like running your own radio station.  Your own media outlet.

I suspect for a lot of the people, the whole Facebook thing is a relatively new experience.  Where you put yourself out there to the public. And then random strangers start commenting on it.  But I’ve been basically doing the same thing for most of my adult life.







For many years I published this zine — this monthly newsletter.  And my 400 subscribers were like my Facebook friends today.

And I published my art, writing and photos in my zine.  Just like today I post my art, writing and photos on the internet.

And I had a wild Letter-to-the-Editor section.  Just like today I have a wild Comments section.

Same basic gig.  The only real difference is, nowadays I “live through the internet.”

I’ll do just about anything to avoid dealing with real life.


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