Acid Heroes

February 23, 2016

Serial Flushers


I had another encounter with a Serial Flusher the other day.

Serial Flushers are a special breed of weird.  They get their jollies from going into public restrooms and flushing the toilets and urinals over and over and over.  Flushing the toilets dozens and dozens of times.  Non-stop.  For no apparent reason.  It brings the Serial Flusher great joy for some inexplicable reason.  Go figure.  Maybe it’s the sounds of the rushing water that excites their brains on some level.  Or the fact that they have the power to control water — maybe that makes them feel like powerful creatures in some strange way.  Or maybe they just get hypnotized by the sound of it.  Who knows. I’m not an authority on Abnormal Psychology.  But, as a guy who regularly patronizes public restrooms, I’ve encountered at least five different Serial Flushers over the years.

But leave it to me to break up the Serial Flushing party.  I explained to this particular Serial Flusher — as tactfully as I could — that we are in the midst of a very serious Drought.  And, as much as I value conserving water, I am very willing to waste some of it by flushing your head down the toilet if you don’t know that shit off.

I think he got the point.



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  1. I worked at a state hospital. Water and electictity were common themes for schizophrenics. The serial flusher types were also ” water intoxicants” or patients who had to be monitored or they would drink water until it killed them.

    Comment by Jon — February 24, 2016 @ 1:57 am | Reply

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