Another victory for Hate Man


Good news on the Hate Man front:

For the last year, UC Berkeley has been crunching Hate Man heavily, trying to ban him from People’s Park for “lodging.” They had given him 9 tickets over the last year, mostly for minor bullshit. And were putting constant legal pressure on him from every angle (they really did want to drive his ass out of here — they consider him the “ringleader” of the whole mad scene). And Hate was prepared to go to jail rather than accept the ban if he lost the case.

On Friday Hate Man had to go to court yet again. And he showed up armed with four lawyers — his own personal Dream Team. The prosecuter was all set to start picking the jury and preparing for what would be a long trial. But at the last second UC caved. They decided to drop all the charges. So it really was a Good Friday for ole’ Hate Man.





2 thoughts on “Another victory for Hate Man

  1. His is not a stress free existance. When I met hateman back in 2013 he was arrested & put in county lock up. Hate seemed to be the liazon between the groundskeeper & street people. If anyone made a mess they went to hate. Cops were always swooping in on hatecamp. The pressures seemed to be endless for him, yet he still seemed to enjoy himself.

    1. Yeah. I don’t know Hate deals with the constant pressure. Cops and wing nuts constantly coming at him. I think he’s an adrenaline junkie. “I like all the action,” he often says.

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