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April 6, 2016

Leader of the pack

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Fatty the feral cat. Fatty has the sweetest disposition of all the feral cats. She’s always happy. Always peaceful and contented. Laid back and cool. Doesn’t have any of the high-strung nervousness and paranoia that most feral cats exhibit.

Fatty was the acknowledged leader of the three feral kittens from that litter. It was Fatty, Scaredy and Crier. And with all the litters there’s always one cat that’s the leader. Who’s a little smarter and quicker at assessing the situation. They always make the first move. And the other kittens stand back in the rear and see how it plays out before they make their move.

For example, when the litter of kittens were first scoping out my campsite.  And they weren’t sure if I was a friend or foe (“Sure he’s putting out all this cat food for us. But how do we know its not a trick?? Maybe he’s just fattening us up for the slaughter??”). Fatty was the first to accept me. “I’ve decided to trust you. I’m throwing in my lot with you.”  Came right up to me. Let me pet her. And the other two kittens — Scaredy and Crier — fell in line.  “Well. If Fatty thinks this guy with the glasses is cool. Then I’m in too.”

Like I said. Fatty was the leader. She had a bit more of a sharper intelligence.



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