Country Joe & the Fish


“GIMME AN F!! GIMME A U . . .”

When I graduated from Junior High School back in 1970 we all got to vote on what songs we wanted to sing at the big graduation ceremony. I think it was class bad boy Dave Parazone who came up with the plan to stuff the ballot box so our class song would be “The Fish Cheer” by Country Joe & the Fish. We thought it would be totally cool to have the entire 8th grade class up on stage, singing our hearts out to our proud parents in the audience: “GIMME AN F!! GIMME A U!!  GIMME A C. . . “

The other song we wanted to sing was “The Lemon Song” by Led Zeppelin. Because it had that line “I wanna squeeze your lemons until the juice runs down my legs.” We all suspected that line was really dirty, even though most of us didn’t know what it really meant.

But the damn Principal got wind of our plans and nixed it in the bud. The fascist. I realized at that point, you can’t fight The Man and that all the elections are rigged.

Instead we ended up singing that Youngbloods song, that hippie peace-and-love anthem, “C’mon people now smile on your brother, everybody get together try and love one another.”

But it was 1970 so it was too late. The ’60s were already over.


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