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May 25, 2016

So you’re interested in a career as a writer

One of the funny things about writing, about sharing your thoughts with the public: YOU NEVER KNOW HOW THE READERS ARE GOING TO REACT. You can never predict that.

Every now and then I’ll write about some controversial subject. And I’ll know there’s a good chance I’ll generate some heat. But then I’ll write about something that I consider fairly innocuous — like  a recent blog about a little old guy who worked in a booth  — and even that, somebody will get upset or offended or take issue with it. One of my Facebook friends wrote: “Did you ever think to stop and talk to this person? Without his perspective how can you even begin to comment on his life.”

Well, this is how. Probably 90% of the piece was just me describing how he looked and how he interacted with people. And maybe 10% of it was me speculating on what his life might (and I said “might”) have been like. And by the way, this is something that we all do, all the time. When I see some photo of a Facebook friend and they’re hanging out at their house with their family and friends at some kind of get-together, I’ll speculate from that as to how their lives might have turned out. We mostly do this kind of thing instantly and subconsciously without even realizing it. But we do it all the time.

But getting back to writing. Contrary to what I sometimes get accused of: I don’t go out of my way to push people’s buttons. But I’ve always had a weird knack for doing that. Of course that’s one of the exciting things about writing. This ever-present wild card. Never knowing how people will react. And every now and then I’ll be pushing a buzzer expecting a buzz, and I’ll get an explosion. . . .

And then you check to make sure you still have all your limbs. And you think twice the next time you start shooting your mouth off.

(This was the blog I was referring to: )

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  1. That is a good book. It explains a lot.

    Comment by Deborah K Jamil — May 25, 2016 @ 11:04 pm | Reply

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