A Father’s Day tribute

It’s Father’s Day. So I’m wondering. Is there something wrong with me? (Don’t answer that its a hypothetical question)

I never wanted to be a Father. Not even once did I think: “Man it would be so great to be a Father. To procreate little beings just like me with my incredible DNA.”

And I realize. This attitude goes completely against our biological imperative. All mammals are wired to relentlessly reproduce. To perpetuate the species. So there’s something off about me.

And of course in theory I like the idea of my sperm being injected into a woman’s vagina and reaching the egg and creating new life. ITS A MIRACLE!! And we as human beings have accomplished that at least 8 billion times to date.

But I never wanted to be a father or have kids. I’d rather hang out with feral cats

Yes. I know. I’m nuts. Stop the presses.


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