Feral Cat Turf Wars: Round 7: Scaredy Cat vs. Moo Cat: In the battle for food dish supremacy

Scaredy Cat nursing a scratched eye from Round 6 in her battles with Moo Cat.
 Scaredy Cat has been nursing a scratched eye lately, courtesy of her turf war with Moo Cat.  They’re both fighting it out in a battle for territorial supremacy.
So this morning I was hanging out at my campsite with Scaredy Cat. When I noticed Moo Cat at the bottom of the hill, cautiously inching her way up the trail towards us.

As soon as Scaredy Cat spotted Moo Cat she immediately stiffened and gave Moo Cat the Big Stare, like two gunfighters facing off at the OK Coral.

Suddenly, Scaredy Cat let out a screeching war-cry and tore after Moo Cat in full sprint. Moo Cat let out a “yelp” and turned on her heels and ran for her life. Ha ha. Scaredy Cat chased her all the way down the hill to the creek, and all the way up the next hill before I lost sight of them.

I was surprised. Because I didn’t think Scaredy Cat had it in her. She’s the most gentle and peaceful feral cat I’ve ever known. And she’s much smaller than Moo Cat, too. But apparently she’s had enough of Moo Cat’s shit.

Moo Cat, cautiously reassessing her place in the Universe.
Moo Cat acts tough. But its all a bluff. A Cowardly Lion routine. She’s all bark and no bite. And apparently Scaredy Cat has called her on it.

Its obvious that Scaredy Cat and Moo Cat can’t coexist. One of them has to go. Or get their ass killed. And it looks like its gonna be Moo Cat. Which is a shame. Because they’re my two favorite cats.

Later, Scaredy Cat trotted back to my campsite with a look of triumph on her face. Like, “I sure showed her ass, huh? I’m B-A-A-AD!!”

Ha ha. Cats. I swear to God. Sometimes they act just like people.

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