Victor the Mexican Paul McCartney

Just ran into longtime Berkeley street person Victor, staggering down the Ave. He looks like he’s been through the mill. And he probably has.

Victor is known as “the Mexican Paul McCartney.” Because he’s a street musician and he can play virtually every Beatles song. Which he belts out with heavy Mexican accent (sometimes he’d play an entire side of the White Album, including Revolution #9, ha ha).

Whenever he sees me (or sees anybody for that matter) his standard greeting is “Ahh, my REAL partner!!”

Victor is almost completely blind. From a drunken car crash. He wanted to purchase some booze at the little liquor store on the corner of University below Sacramento. And he drove his car right through the front window and all the way to the counter (that’s ONE way to get to the front of the line!)

My favorite Victor story. It was a cold, wet winter night and a bunch of us homeless street people were all hanging out on Sproul Plaza. Victor didn’t even have a jacket let alone a sleeping bag. So he started acting really drunk. When the cops showed up he got really belligerent. So they handcuffed him and hauled him off to the drunk tank. But just as they were stuffing him into the back of the cop car, Victor turned and smiled at me and gave me a big wink. Victor would have a warm place to sleep tonight

Victor. My real partner.



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