Acid Heroes

July 30, 2016

The secret origin of Moo Cat


Image may contain: catOne of the cutest things I ever saw in all my years in feral catdom:

When Blondie had her first litter of kittens in 2007 she disappeared for a month. Then one morning she came back down to my campsite and started taking some of the cat food in the cat food dish back to her nest for her kittens. She’d carry the hotdogs in her mouth

Then, a couple days later, she led her kittens down to my campsite. That was really cute. They all came marching down the hill in a line behind Mom. Blondie looked just like a squad leader, leading her troops on an expedition. Ha ha.

When they finally got down to the cat food dish, Blondie basically said: “OK kids. Dig in!!”

That’s how I first was introduced to that crazy cat Moo Cat.

Image may contain: cat and outdoor






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