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August 23, 2016

A search for a plausible explanation

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When you drink as much as I do you often wake up in the morning in peculiar states. Let’s just say my grasp of reality often isn’t as solid as I’d like it to be. This morning I had another one of those WHAT THE HELL? moments.

This guy is walking toward my campsite dressed in what apparently is a full spaceman suit. Space helmet and everything. And he’s carrying a big metal box in his arms.

He stops about 50 yards from my campsite and puts the box on the ground. Then, after a bit of a struggle, he manages to pull a second box out of the first box. He places that box on the ground. And then walks back down the trail.

I’m like: “Well. You don’t see THAT every day.” I walk down the trail to check out the box, in hopes that there’s a plausible explanation other than that I’ve finally completely lost my fucking mind.

Fortunately there was. It turned out it was a big cardboard box, and inside the box was a big bee-hive with a bunch of bees buzzing around. Apparently it was some project to expand the bee population in the Berkeley hills.

So that was a relief.

For a second there I had even been considering giving up drinking.

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