Acid Heroes

September 6, 2016

Moo Cat banished from the tribe


I headed up to my campsite around midnight last night. Moo Cat was waiting for me in the darkness at the foot of the trail. She started meowing loudly as soon as she heard me coming.

Then she started darting back and forth rubbing against my ankles. As I walked up the trail in near total darkness I had to be careful not to step on her with my big clod-hopping shoes as she darted under my feet.

Moo Cat hadn’t had anything to eat in 4 days. So she was especially happy to see me. And my cat food. Ha ha.

The reason she hadn’t been fed is her own fault. She’s been banished from the tribe. Moo Cat can’t get along with any of the other feral cats. She’s always picking fights. She slashed Scaredy Cat in the face twice, one time she almost took her eye out. So finally Scaredy Cat had enough of Moo Cat’s shit. Now she runs her off every time Moo Cat shows up. Moo Cat flees in terror at the sight of Scaredy Cat. Which surprised me. Because Scaredy Cat is much smaller and younger than Moo Cat. And very gentle by nature. But in spite of her name, Scaredy Cat is fearless. Which is more than I can say for Moo Cat. Ha ha.
Anyways, I decided to set up my campsite by the creek (Moo Cat’s territory) so I could get some damn food in Moo Cat’s tummy. She immediately wolfed down an entire can of wet cat food, 3 hot dogs and some leftover chicken, along with a bowl of crunchy dry cat food. She was way hungry.

Then she made herself at home, lying on top of my chest on my blankets. Purring loudly. In between belching and making weird stomach-groaning sounds (she had really bolted down that food, ha ha).

The next morning when I woke up Moo Cat was still hanging around. Still purring loudly. One thing about feral cats. They can be way more appreciative than house cats. House cats just take it for granted that the food dish and the water dish is always there. Not so with feral cats. When you show up, it is like the cavalry coming to the rescue. You are Life itself. They literally jump for joy.

Moo Cat enjoyed a big breakfast. And then fled up the hill like a weeny as soon as Scaredy Cat sauntered onto the scene. Ha ha. Cats.



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