Sgt. Stony: “The few, the proud, the stoned!” I was a kid in the 1960s I couldn’t afford the more expensive GI Joe action figure. So I got the generic Sgt. Stony action figure instead.  That Sgt. Stony doll was one of my favorite childhood toys. And in my bedroom war-game battles, Sgt. Stony practically single-handedly defeated the Krauts and the Japs. And then later the Koreans (who never got a really cool-sounding racial epithet).

Sgt. Stony only had two movable parts. His arms could swing up and down. They were perfect for delivering devastating upper-cut punches. But not much else.

Sometimes I would take my Sgt. Stony doll into forays deep into enemy territory:  my little sister’s bedroom. And Sgt. Stoney would kick the crap out of her Ken doll. Ken, with his fashion accessories, was no match for Sgt. Stony’s devastating upper-cuts.

Years later I wondered. Did I really have a doll named Sgt. Stony? Or was my memory playing tricks on me?  You know how it is with childhood memories.  Things can get a little scrambled in your mind.

So I just Googled it. And I did.  There really was a Sgt. Stony doll.

So that was a relief.


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