Cartoonists can be so bitchy


The other day I happened to come across across this photo of these cartoonists on Facebook — Chester Brown, Lynda Barry, Art Spiegelman and Phoebe Gloeckner.  So, for the hell of it, I posted it on my Facebook page.

One of my Facebook friends asked: “Didn’t Art Spiegelman once wish you a slow, painful death?”

Yeah. I once got a short and pithy letter from Spiegelman on RAW stationary: “I can only wish you a quick and excruciatingly painful death.” (he was mad at me about something or other).

I used the line as a back-cover blurb on my Twisted Image collection of comics. I figured it might help sell a few copies. Ha ha..

About 10 years later Spiegelman was appearing at Cody’s Books in Berkeley to do a book-signing to promote his latest product. A line of people were waiting in line to get his autograph. So I dropped by to check him out in the flesh, and my pal Duncan took a couple of photos to commemorate the occasion. Art didn’t mention anything about killing me. In fact he looked a little nervous to see me and Duncan (who he had also once written a nasty letter to).

Cartoonists can be so bitchy. But at least we’re not as bad as poets.

Later I happened to mention the Spiegelman death threat letter on the internet. Someone immediately posted: “Hey if you ever put that letter on eBay I’d like to buy it.” Ha ha.
But you know me. I always have to get in the last word. So to get back at Spiegelman for sending me that  letter, I did a cartoon making fun of him. And then R. Crumb — the greatest cartoonist of our times — published it in his WEIRDO comic book. Ha ha.
I really am a little nutty.

6 thoughts on “Cartoonists can be so bitchy

  1. Funny I wish there was an Urban cartoon where Cartoonists could get away with using some profanity in real life or make believe situations. It would be more interesting & capture a wider audience.

  2. i remember when you got the letter from the guy that was so disturbed by something you did that actually took a bite out of the hate letter. To pump up the atmosphere I snuck in your building and left these feathers and crazy shit on your door. The next time I saw you were “Owe, wo, wo, can you believe it? First this psycho letter and then these feathers and weird shit stuck to my door! I’m being stalked I tell you..” Sorry but I never laughed so hard..

    1. Ha ha. I don’t remember getting that hate letter with a bite taken out of it. Course I got so much weird mail from so many total weirdos back then, it was just another day at the office. I DO remember the feathers on my door. I happened to be tripping hard at the time on some very powerful LSD at that point (you remember how I was back then). And lets just say my mind was rushing by leaps and bounds towards all sorts of curious associations. HA ha.

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