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October 3, 2016

A bunch of photos of a feral cat just for the hell of it

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Scaredy Cat with her patented “I’m happy to be here” look.


Scaredy Cat the feral cat.


Do you refer to your pets by their names? I name all my feral cats. But I only use their names in print. In person I always refer to them all in the same way. Either “You Big Fat Cat or ” You Big Baby.


It’s Scaredy Cat. Coming at you. Wanting more pets. Which isn’t too much to ask from this world.



Scaredy Cat has yet to decide which candidate to endorse. Hillary or Trump. Scaredy Cat is a vocal lobbyist and activist for FCPAC (the Feral Cat Political Action Committee). But she’s yet to decide which candidate truly cares about the feral cat demographics. Donald Trump has shamelessly pandered for the feral cat vote. With his “Make America Full of Cat Food Again” slogan. And his promise to build a wall to protect cats from all the dogs. . . But Hillary Clinton has promised free catnip for all feral cats. As well as Universal Cat-care insuring that all cats, no matter what their breed or economic level, will receive government-funded petting and grooming. She’ll probably end up voting for Cat Stevens just because she likes his name. Politics is so sophisticated


This morning Scaredy Cat kept crying and crying. I could tell she was in some kind of distress. Which was unusual. Usually she’s the most happy and peaceful and contented cat in the world. The only other time she cried was right before she had a miscarriage and aborted her kitty fetus right on top of my blankets (I apologize if that’s too much information). So I figure Scaredy Cat is crying because she’s pregnant yet again and going through labor pains and she’s on the verge of popping out a litter of kittens. I quickly packed up my campsite and got the hell out of there. I love Scaredy Cat. But I sure don’t want her popping out her litter of kittens on top of my blankets












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