Acid Heroes

October 27, 2016

Ace Backwords: super genius



I actually went through a period where I thought I was an artistic genius. And that I was going to leave behind a body of work that would fascinate and perplex people for generations to come.

But then I thought: That’s a stupid thing to think. Because it’s probably just my ego trying to inflate itself with delusions of grandeur. And even if I WAS a genius, it just annoys people when they hear somebody proclaiming that about themselves (“Who does that stupid fuck think he is?”).

And it raises the bar of expectations: “OK, Mr. Genius. Let’s hear you lay some genius level insights on us!!” “Well. . . um.”

So I figured it’s smarter to lower the bar. “I’m just some homeless bum alcoholic sleeping in the dirt.”

So that way, if I manage to say something half-way bright, all the people say:

“Hey, ya know? Thats a fairly insightful comment to make for some homeless bum alcoholic sleeping in the dirt.”

So that’s a good trick I’m passing along to all you would-be artistic geniuses. Always lower the bar if you can.

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