My favorite toy

Fostex Four trackFor many years this was my favorite toy. My beloved Fostex Four-Track Cassette Recorder. Bought it for 120 bucks in 1995. And used it constantly until 2007 when it dawned on me — much to my chagrin — that nobody listened to cassette tapes any more.

I recorded thousands of original songs on the thing. You could actually produce a crude and yet effective simulation of a real song. Sometimes it was just me on guitar with double-tracked vocals (to bolster my shaky singing voice).  But other times I’d go for the full “band” sound.  Casio bass and drums on one track.  Guitar and vocals on the second track.  Keyboards on the third track.  And whatever on the fourth track.

Some day I’d like to go through all those thousands of cassette tapes and do something with them. Hopefully before they all warp and disintegrate over time.



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