My wallet

I’m a pretty introspective person. And I’ve sort of been relentlessly studying myself for nearly 60 years now. In fact, if I was really pressed on it, I’d probably opine that the main point of human existence is to study ourselves and our lives. So I know myself pretty good

But that said, I still have these mysterious compartments in my brain. These parts that I can’t see, that are blocked out from my view. My “blind sides,” as it were.

I’ll give you an example. My wallet.

I’ve had this wallet forever. And it’s been falling apart for years now. At least twice my little sister has bought me new wallets for Christmas presents. But for some mysterious reason I can never get rid of this wallet and replace it with a new wallet. I’ll take out one of the new wallets. And I’ll think of taking all the stuff out of my old wallet (my ID, etc) and putting them in the new wallet. But for some reason, I just can’t do.

And I’m not sure why.

It may be superstitious. The old wallet is a good luck charm, and the new wallet may be jynxed.

Or maybe it’s sentimental. This wallet has been with me every step I’ve taken, for decades. Everything else in my life has come and gone, but that wallet has been a part of me (literally) the whole time.

Or maybe it’s like a comfortable old sofa that you just can’t bare to throw away. It would be like throwing out an old friend.

At any rate, my wallet is almost completely falling apart now. The stuff in my wallet starts to fall out if I’m not careful. And when I buy stuff at stores I always take my money out before I get to the cash register because I don’t want the clerk to see the thing and think I’m some kind of nut. The thing is really hanging by a thread.

I guess I really should get me a new wallet.


One thought on “My wallet

  1. Ha! Well while we’re humoring superstitions, I recall reading somewhere that it is bad feng shui/bad juju to either accept or give a completely empty wallet. Something about subconsciously reinforcing the state of being broke, but what the hell do I know.

    I love my impractical wallet that is way too small for my ID, business cards, etc.

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