Mini Owl the feral kitten

Image may contain: cat


Mini Owl is such a character. This morning he caught his first mouse. Of course he had to drag it over to me to show off his trophy. And the thing was still alive — which was a little disturbing. Then he gobbled the whole thing down in one gulp, bones and all.

This was unusual because my other feral cats don’t expend much energy hunting. I stuff them full of so much food, hunting isn’t much of a priority. When a squirrel or bluejay shows up they’ll make a half-hearted attempt at stalking it. But it’s more for fun than actual hunting.

And Mini Owl is fearless. This morning a couple of burly raccoons showed up at my campsite. And the other cats went running up the hill. But Mini Owl just stood there staring at them with this blank look on his face like he’s thinking: “Yeah they’re big. But if I could just figure out some way to take one of them down I’d be eating like a king for a week!”


Mini Owl just has an extra shot of testosterone in him.

It was unusual for the raccoons to show up in the morning light. It was because last night I had fed my cats big slabs of ham from a leftover Christmas dinner (like I said I stuff the little rugrats). And of course the raccoons horned in on the action. And now they were back in the morning to see if they could get a second course to their dinner. It was a good thing Mini Owl was there to protect me from those big, bad raccoons!

PS. You’ll notice the slightly exasperated expression on Scaredy Cat’s face. That’s because I had been petting her, but Mini Owl cut in front to horn in on the action. Ha ha.

Image may contain: cat



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