What do you want from life?


I’m a simple man at heart. All I really want from life is a warm, dry place to quietly sip my beer and ruminate on the state of human existence.
And a cool song on my headphones. Maybe something by the Who or the Kinks.

And an interesting post on my Facebook page. Something that would engage my attention and inspire me to spend the next 20 minutes spewing my thoughts and observations. Something that would momentarily take my mind off my myriad personal problems and the fact that I’m 60 years old and I’m gonna’ be dying soon alone and unloved.

And I could also really go for a meatball sandwich right now. With maybe a potato salad on the side. That’s not too much to ask from life.

And oh yeah. I’d also like to know the answer to the meaning of life. It would be nice to know there’s some POINT to all this bullshit we have to endure during the course of our daily lives.

And one last thing. Is it too much to ask from this damn life that I’d like to have sex, and really good sex, with a super model or maybe somebody like Linda Ronstadt when she was in her prime in the ’70s and have orgasms that just go on and on for several weeks at a stretch.

And no pain. None of that bad, yucky stuff. No failings. Just winning and winning and success after success. And non-stop pleasure.

And then when I die I go straight to Heaven. And Jesus Christ himself is personally waiting for me at the Pearly Gates. And when Jesus Christ sees me He gives me a hearty handshake and exclaims: “Ace Backwords, you are the greatest man in the history of humanity and let me personally welcome you to your eternal home in blissful Heaven!”

That’s all I really want from life.


4 thoughts on “What do you want from life?

  1. Ace I would expect Jesus to greet you that way, simply because that’s the way he rolls. And good sex, is nice – but it’s meaningless without love – isn’t it? And our purpose in life is to use our God given talents (as you have without compromise – book, comics music, etc.) to make a contribution to this world – while somehow navigating life using the four cardinal virtues to avoid the shipwreck of bad decision making and painful consequences.

    1. I’ve accrued a lot of good AND bad karma over the years with some of my behaviors. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what kind of karmauppance is still in store for me.

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