A brief encounter on Bancroft Street




I was just walking down Bancroft and these two guys are walking RIGHT behind me. And they’re talking REAL loud, RIGHT into my ear. And it’s REALLY starting to get on my nerves.

So I stop right in the middle of the sidewalk to let them pass by. And as they’re passing me I’m sort of glaring at them and thinking all sorts of bad thoughts about them. When one of them turned to me and said:

“Excuse me sir, your backpack is unzipped and your headphones are about to fall out.”

“They are?” I said.

“Yes they are,” he said.

“Gee, thanks for the tip.” I said.

I zipped up my backpack before my headphones could fall out.

I really can be an ass sometimes.


One thought on “A brief encounter on Bancroft Street

  1. hi i stumbled across your blog because i was on acid and i was looking at stuff about david bowie and i read your excerpt about how you saw him and it honestly made me realize some shit and i want to pursure music cause i read it so thank you ❤

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