Making it through the winter


All of my feral cats (with the exception of Mini Scaredy who I hope was holed up somewhere safely) were waiting for me last night when I hit my campsite. I could hear them all meowing loudly off in the darkness as I made my way up the trail. It was like being serenaded. Meows that basically translated into English as: “WE HAVEN’T BEEN FED IN 3 DAYS!! GET YOUR ASS UP HERE!!”

I stuffed them with the usual catfood, and also these big meatballs that I ground-scored from this leftover catered spaghetti-and-meatballs dinner — they went nuts for those things! Their guts were bulging out from their sides by the time I was done with them.

Then they slept all night on my blankets and I fed ’em again in the morning. The rain started coming down just as it started turning light. So I managed to pack up my campsite and get out of there before I got drenched.

Anyways, this is a photo of Moo Car with her typical “It’s-about-time-you-got-up-here-and-fed-me” expression.




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