Acid Heroes

February 18, 2017

That house

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I walked by this house today. And I always get a weird feeling when I walk by that particular house. This weird acid flashback back to 1980s. This woman that I was madly in love with for many years used to live there. So for many years that house was my most cherished and longed-for destination.

The house was more rundown back then. 1980. Faded paint job. Weeds growing in the front yard. And it had this haunted, macabre aura like the Addam’s Family mansion. Along with this punk rock ambiance (the band name “THE GEEKS” was spray painted on the front porch). That house was the one place where I wanted to be.

No matter where I happened to be in the world back then, in the back of my mind I was always thinking about that house. And I’d be measuring the distance from where I was, to where that house was. And plotting and scheming all the ways I was going to navigate the trail that led me back to her front door.

I remember the countless times I’d be walking down the street towards that house. And the closer and closer I got, the more excited and nervous I’d get. And I’d sort of be rehearsing my lines in my head as I walked (perhaps I had a witty anecdote that would win her over).  And then I’d be knocking on her front door. And she’d open it up and let me in. And I’d step into her living room. And it was like stepping onto a stage. And we’d immediately start enacting all the mad dramas and soap operas of our lives.






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