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February 27, 2017

Blondie, the matriarch of the feral cat tribe

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Blondie was one of the first feral cats to start hanging out at my campsite back in 2007. She was still a kitten back then. Her mother — who looked just like her — had gotten hit by a car shortly after I started camping there. So Blondie was on her own. I fed Blondie just about every day for 10 years. Then, last year, she suddenly disappeared for a month. So I just assumed she had passed away. 10 years old is pretty old for a feral cat, after all.

But then one morning, completely out of the blue, Blondie showed up at my campsite again. She ate a little breakfast. And hung out with me for awhile. Then trotted off into the woods, never to be seen again.

Later it occurred to me. Blondie probably knew she was dying. And she wanted to come back to my campsite one last time to say good-bye to me.

Or maybe she just found someone else to feed her. That’s possible. But I doubt it.

*                                               *

In all those years, I never once petted Blondie. It took her a LONG time to trust me. For years, if I made the slightest move in her direction, she’d immediately back off several feet. But in her last years she felt comfortable hanging out pretty close to me. And there was this one time — completely out of the blue — when I was lying on my back in my sleeping bag, when Blondie jumped up on top of me. Sat there on my legs for about 5 minutes. Looking at me like: “Ya know? I always wanted to try this.” Then she jumped back down. It was the only time I touched her in 10 years.












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