Honky Tonk Woman




Crumb tells a hilarious “Honky Tonk Woman” story. It’s the summer of ’69. And Crumb — the great hippie countercultural hero — has fled the debacle that the Haight Ashbury has turned into at that point. And he’s living at some half-assed hippie commune in rural California. Trying to “get back to Nature.” That bit.

The release of a new Rolling Stones single was considered a major event at that point. 1969. These ’60s rock stars were considered great visionaries at that point. They were the leaders of the cultural revolution. And every new Beatles or Stones single was a matter of great import.

These hippies had just scored a copy of the just released “Honky Tonk Woman” single. So they brought it to the hippie commune where Crumb was living. And everyone in the commune gathered around. And they played it over and over — at least 20 times in a row. Much to Crumb’s chagrin. Earnestly discussing the profound meanings of the song, trying to decipher the exact meanings of this cutting-edge communique from the great cultural visionaries that were the Rolling Stones.

So Crumb has to sit there and listen to these stupid, naive, 20 year old hippies — at this half-assed hippie commune that he was living at in 1969 — that would collapse shortly after. Going on and on about this incredibly important new Rolling Stones single. “Honky Tonk Woman ”

But Crumb would get the last laugh. Mick Jagger would later ask Crumb to draw a cover for the next Rolling Stones album.
Something really hip. Like what he drew for the Janis Joplin album cover.

Crumb turned the Stones down flat. Crumb HATED the Rolling Stones.

After being forced to listen to “Honky Tonk Woman” 20 times in a row in a half-assed hippie commune in 1969? Can you blame him??17203146_1841502202533981_5003140595067119367_n.jpg


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